Have Faith: Life Takes You Where You Need to Go

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and He shall direct your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Facebook memories have a crazy way of putting life into perspective for me sometimes. Earlier this month was no exception.

Five years ago this December, my family and I moved to Georgia. Unbeknownst to me, the people I’d meet there would forever change my life. I was living in Georgia when I started seeking to learn more about God and ultimately came into the Catholic Church through RCIA.

Yes, I would say that Georgia helped mold me into who I am today.

But really, it goes deeper than that.

Before Georgia, I lived in North Carolina and it was while living there that I wanted a deeper understanding of personal finance. Today, much of how I handle my personal finances (and the advice I dish out) stems from what I learned during that time.

So, again, yes… I would say that North Carolina helped shape me, too.

My husband’s job, as you can see, takes us all over the place. Rarely does he ever get assigned to places we want to go (Hawaii, please?). Over thirteen years into his craft, I’ve learned not to take the road that leads us to each town lightly.

For instance, here in Louisiana, I’m already benefiting from this move. My health is finally under control and I’m feeling better than I’ve felt in years. (Full disclosure: I still have my days when depression creeps back in and my mind screams to escape. It’s something that I will probably continue to push against for months, or years to come.)

But, the point I’m getting to in sharing what Facebook reminded me of is this: Are all these events just coincidences? How is it that no matter where I go, I always grow and learn and benefit?

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Where Faith Comes In

I must believe, after all these years of traveling the country, that life is much bigger than you and me. There is a force out there, a protector, a guide, a God who watches over me and gently places me in exactly the right place at exactly the right hour at exactly the right minute. Because I trust that I will never be steered in the wrong direction, it’s gotten easier over the years to have faith that no matter where life takes me, God will not only be there, but He will provide exactly what I need, exactly when I need it.

In the beginning of my husband’s career, accepting the constant moving was difficult for me. As a type A personality, I like control and planning, but his career is not something neither he nor I have any sort of control over. Overtime, we’ve accepted that God will take us far and near, to where we are needed, to where He needs us to be (if not for ourselves, for the benefit of others, too).

During every transition, I make a conscious effort to seek the lesson I’m supposed to learn or the person I’m supposed to help. I believe my family is exactly where it is meant to be. That doesn’t mean I have to like the situation, though. (I’d give anything to still live across the street from my eighty-four year old grandmother in Florida.) When I say that I’m where I’m meant to be, it means that I’ve reached a place where I no longer try to resist what is in terms of where life takes me because deep down I know everything happens for a reason. (Although, lately it’s been a struggle, specifically when depression tries to talk me out of what I know deep down to be true.) But regardless of my temporary state of mind, I know down in my core that I need to experience whatever is currently happening in my life in order to prepare for the next step God has for me. Even when my mind tries to trick me into thinking life sucks, I push through the chatter and end up coming back to the same conclusion time-after-time: Life takes me to where it needs me to go.

Have Faith Everyday

At the end of the day, no matter how bad, I refuse to throw a temper tantrum because I’m not where I want to be. There is no sense in denying what’s happening right in front of my face, to embrace my feelings so I can move past them. My family can only move forward with our life in a positive manner so long as I choose to be a mature, loving and understanding adult. And, for the sake of my kids (and my sanity), I must seek God in all things. If I don’t, God will continue to pull me to learn His lessons until I get it right. But, it’s not enough to just close my eyes and wish for a better life. I must trust and pray that God loves me enough to lay down the right path in front of me and believe that He’ll close the doors that lead down the wrong path.

So, while I may crack every now and again, my foundation and faith in God is strong, as His faith and love for me is ever stronger. Oh, how fortunate I am to believe in a loving God!

How has your life proven to take you everywhere you needed to be? I’d love to hear your story!


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