How I Used My Intuition to Leave Mary Kay

In my last post, I talked about how much Mary Kay changed my life. In this post, I’d like to dig deeper into letting you know how I came to the conclusion that Mary Kay was no longer an avenue I should pursue.

It wasn’t an immediate, “Don’t do it, man.”

But over the last few weeks, my feelings shifted about being a beauty consultant for Mary Kay. More specifically, my gut was churning when before it didn’t.

In the beginning, I loved the idea of being a leader and running a team and motivating women. But as the months went by, and my spirits lifted from my depressed state, I felt this strange desire to leave. It started when our unit meetings grew and I started to feel uncomfortable in the room. At first, I dismissed the feeling to just not wanting to be in a tiny room with soo many people. It wasn’t until later I realized what I was really feeling – my intuition.

What is intuition? 

Intuition is that voice or conscious that tells you (without evidence) that something isn’t right (or is right). It’s that instinct that makes you check on someone you haven’t spoken to in a while or a nudge that says you should call and check on the status of something important. Those tiny impulses that seem to randomly pop into your mind are all a part of your intuition. Some people like to refer to it as God speaking to you.

And we all receive intuitive guidance in our own ways.

Not long ago, I discovered that I receive intuitive guidance in one of two ways: thoughts and ideas or through emotions. This means, if my mind is quiet enough to listen, I can receive messages from my intuition that emerge as thoughts. When it comes to emotions, I can feel in my body senses when I’m around someone who perhaps means me harm or my stomach will turn sour at a thought of something. Other people receive their guidance in other ways, but those are the ways I get mine.

And over the last few weeks, as I’ve become more in-tune to myself through practicing mindfulness, the messages have been getting louder and louder.

On the verge of making an official decision on whether I should continue to pursue this business venture or not, I found an amazing guided meditation that helped me confirm that what I was in fact feeling was my internal intuition. The meditation had me focus on my internal feelings – my intuition – toward two choices: in this case, the decision to stay or leave. After performing the meditation, it became obvious that those gut wrenching feelings I’d been recently feeling towards Mary Kay and other areas of my life were clearly messages from my intuition, my internal alarm clock warning me not to proceed.

How my intuition led me to today

During Memorial Day weekend, we took a trip to Florida to visit my family (and to conduct some Mary Kay business). While driving, I had what can appropriately be described as an “Oprah ah-ha” moment.

I had been stressing about finding a house to rent before our lease ended. It was my turn to drive and a thought suddenly came to me that said “move into your parents house.” I immediately felt a sense of relief and knew that was a genius idea. Little did I know that had it not been for that intuitive guidance, and for listening to it, I wouldn’t be feeling the best I’ve felt in years.

My transformation took place while staying with my parents these last few weeks. I got back into meditating and started to feel myself become more focused and my creative juices started flowing again. I found myself laughing more and feeling at peace about my life. I didn’t feel like you’d expect of someone who still needed to find a house to move into before summer vacation ended (totally different story). I found myself attracting things I needed, including a book by Kyle Cease that helped me shift my mindset into one that aligns more with who I am, not who the world wants me to be.

Getting to the point of letting go

It’s so easy to follow the pack and to do things because it’s expected. It doesn’t make sense for me to leave my Mary Kay business so soon after starting (especially after wanting to at least go at it one year) and I know it makes zero sense on the outside, but I trust that this is the step I must take in order to grow and expand into my true higher calling.

When it comes to making decisions, if you are centered enough with your spirit and can quiet your mind, it is best to follow what your intuition is telling you. Don’t allow your mind to rationalize it for you. I felt immediately relief when I imagined leaving Mary Kay. And I chose to honor that to make way for whatever I cannot see that is just outside my reach, waiting for me to let go.

Because, in truth, new things cannot come into your life unless you let something else go. That’s what Kyle Cease’s book taught me recently. And it makes complete sense. When we hold on to things out of fear that something else better won’t come alone, we are essentially saying that we don’t trust that we are deserving of better things. (I feel like I should insert a *mic drop* for effect after that sentence.)

In all honesty, I firmly believe that the transformation that has taken place in my life is a direct result of joining Mary Kay, that I was lead to Mary Kay to experience this moment I’m having right now. Without Mary Kay coming into my life, today would have been a completely different day. I was such a mess emotionally and mentally when I joined. Yet, now, I’m writing this to you, sharing the powerful experience I recently had because maybe someone reading this needs to hear it.

Unfortunately, letting go of Mary Kay is the best thing for me right now.

I feel great things are in store for me, just beyond the horizon, as I continue to let my internal compass guide me in the right direction. And, at the end of it all, I don’t have to explain anything to anyone. My life is my life and only I know what is best for me right now. I didn’t have to write this post, but I felt like I needed to write it because I knew that someone else could benefit from hearing my story. I don’t need anyone to cheer me on or support me because I’ve found myself again and that person doesn’t need validation to feel loved because I already am loved.

Do you have a memorable intuitive moment that you’d like to share? 


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